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When I lie belly down on the earth


When I lie belly down on the earth,
my whole body sighs and remembers
it does not have to carry the world on its shoulders.
I feel instantly nourished and comforted
by her warm and firm embrace,
And I surrender all worries
to the pull of gravity.

Everything within quiets and settles.
I no longer need any reassurance.
I know the ground won’t let me down.

When I lie belly down on the earth.
I feel her feeding me sweet energy.
Life force starts flooding me
and I experience something akin to ecstasy,
feeling as nourished as can be.

When I lie belly down on the earth,
I am sad for all these years
I struggled, alone, to stand tall, be strong,
figure out my way through it all!
I am grateful I discovered
how comforting it is to be aware
she’s always there.

When I lie belly down on the earth,
I feel a sense of coming home.
And I think of my mother, and her mother,
and how neither of them were ever taught
to receive this much care,
nor give it to another, lover or daughter.
I think of all the men and women who spend their lives
hungering for support and loving touch,
and searching for that warm embrace
in all the wrong places.

When I lie belly down on the earth,
I wish others could discover
no one needs to thirst by a river,
nor beg for what the Great Mother
is always willing to offer.

I just let my body soften, and open,
to receive this love, this life force.

Like a baby whale,
nested against her mother’s body,
I draw strength and nourishment
from that great being beneath me.

10 minute free write
Bali, September 2011