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I meet many people on my journeys who have chosen to walk away from deadening jobs, destructive systems, and rigid social rules, to follow their heart, and explore what makes them come alive.  I feel inspired and emboldened by their willingness to leave the safety of the familiar, to venture in the unknown, and risk a lot, sometimes everything they have, to honor the stirrings of their own life force.  They are innovators, pioneers, visionaries, artists, leaders of new kinds of organizations, foundations or businesses.  And they are regular folks who are willing to stand up and gather in places like Wall Street or Tahrir Square to say no to despotic power.

I meet other kinds of folks who feel a strong inner call to stay or venture in much less glamorous environments in order to help compost their toxicity from the inside out, with more heart-openness, integrity or mindfulness.  Their ability to stay ‘in the fire,’ in highly uncomfortable or stressful situations, organizations or institutions to help hospice and transmute our world’s darkness is equally inspiring.

And last but not least, I meet many unsung heroes who are quietly exploring how to walk a deeper path in their regular lives.  They are parents who are experimenting with more creative and supportive ways to raise their children or care for their elders.   They are teachers who are committed to helping others find and follow their own inner wisdom rather than some official truth.  And they are people who are learning to befriend themselves, so they can access and radiate wholeness.

Whichever path they walk in the outer world, these fire souls share in common the fact that they are paying attention to what has heart and meaning for them.  They are filled with life, and they are an inspiration to others around them, whether their family, or their entire community. I love to spend time with them in meditation or conversation, and ask them what moves them from the inside, what supports and nourishes them, what they have been learning on their journey, and what they see or feel possible for themselves and the world.

The dream behind the screen

Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in interviews | 0 comments

The founder of the Cape Ann Community Cinema, has a big vision.  In this era of big blockbuster movies and corporate theaters buried in busy commercial malls, Robert Newton sees the possibility of cozy community cinemas flourishing on main streets, bringing people together around conversations that matter, and becoming lively hubs for building local community.  His 3-year experiment with the Cape Ann Community Cinema, in Gloucester, Massachusetts, offers plentiful evidence that the idea of a Community Cinema is not only viable but can...

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Building strength: an interview with Bernard Lietaer

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in interviews

A bird's eye view at the strengths and weaknesses of the complementary currency movement and what is needed to build momentum.

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Moments of grace: a conversation with Saskia Shakin

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 in interviews

Saskia is a public speaking coach who has helped many leaders and academics find their authentic speaking voice.   She has inspiring things to say about the essential role that silence and connection play in authentic communication.  She is also the author of a beautiful book called More Than Words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers.  The book is a collection of inspiring short stories about what she has learned through her work.  The following conversation took place during one of my visits to her home, upstate New York, in the...

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Raising the barn higher: an interview with Charley Patton

Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in interviews | 1 comment

Charley Patton is the co-founder of the Yoga Barn, a well known yoga studio in Ubud (Bali) which was built in 2005, and now draws yoga teachers and students from all over the world.   In less than six years, the Yoga Barn has grown into a vibrant community center for folks who are learning to become the change they want to see in the world by developing more presence and awareness.  The Barn offers over 70 classes per week including yoga, meditation, dancing, kirtan and a weekly documentary.   I first met Charley on my first day back in...

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