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what I do


I often wonder what to say
when asked “what I do.”
It’s not easy to answer
because I’m not a lawyer,
doctor, engineer, or builder,
nor anything fitting nicely
in any one liner
that could be shared
in an elevator.

I am more like a spider
who finds her pleasure
in spinning various threads,
and weaving them together.

I write and recite poetry,
interview folks who inspire me,
connect kindred spirits,
and share my experiments
with body and energy literacy.

I am learning to follow life,
noticing what drains me
and brings me energy;
building my capacity
to face and feel my aversions
and pursue my passions,
so I can connect more deeply,
with myself, others, life.

What I do changes each day
depending on what life sends my way:
an opportunity to sit still,
with a friend who is dying;
the inspiration to write a story
or flow fund someone’s money;
the wish to heal the wars
that are tearing the world apart,
by exploring how they play out
in my own psyche.

I’m answering an inner call
to befriend darkness,
and free myself
from the fears
frozen in my body,
free myself
from the stories
that thwart my ability
to see what is,
and what’s possible,
more clearly.

I try to remember to pause often
to notice what I am experiencing
right now, in this moment.

If my words failed to satisfy your curiosity,
then by all means ask for my resume,
but, before you go there, if you must,
listen to this children’s story by Leo Leonni,
and read the messenger by Mary Oliver.